Sabina Pelc

She was born in 1983 in Poland, currently lives in France where she works as a sculptor in her studio in Grasse.

Fine arts are not only her passion but also a profession that she acquired through ten years of education.

Five-year studies (2003-2008) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (Poland)
in Faculty of Sculpture, gave her a high education, both conceptual and technical, in the field of sculpture in such materials as bronze, stone, wood, ceramic, plaster and resin. Also compulsory classes in technical drawing and architectural design give her the basis for creating land art.

Earlier (1998-2003) she graduated from a State High School
Fine Arts in Jaroslaw (Poland), where she acquired the basics skills of painting, sculpture, drawing, lettering, composition and graphic arts. 
All her education included also studies in history of art from antiquity to contemporary art.

Her sculptures are the result of a combination of a study of nature, respect for the masters of classical art and inspiration from nature she longs for.
The artist works in ceramics, plays with mixing sculpture, painting and graphics, using only natural clay, pigments and sometimes enamel.


  • 2023/July: Grasse “Expo Morel”
  • 2023/May: Grasse “ExpoRose”
  • 2023/March: Salon International de l’Art Contemporain in Marseille
  • 2019/July-August: Mill in Saint-Blaise
  • 2018/June: Place Vandromme in Vallauris
  • July 2009: Vielleneuve-Loubet
  • 2009/March: NICEXPO and
    realization of trophies

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