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About me

Searching for beauty in subtlety

Sabina Pelc, born in 1983 in Poland, currently lives and works as a sculptor in her studio in Grasse, France.

She completed five-year master’s studies at the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in 2008, receiving the title of Master of Arts.

The main material in which the artist works is ceramics. She has always favored natural materials, because she also draws her inspiration from nature. The figurative, animal and plant motifs of her work are the expression of a desire to live close to nature.


July-August 2019 in Saint-Blaise
June 2018 in Vallauris, Place Vandromme
March 2009 – NICEXPO art fair and realization of trophies on order for Niceexpo 2009

Original Sculptures

Latest Collection

In Full Sun

– 2023

Rhinoceros - Cloudy Trees

– 2022

Lioness - Delonix Regia

– 2022

Wolf - Cherry

– 2022

With Sunflowers

– 2022

Rhinoceros - Morning View

– 2023

Wolf - Cereal Ears

– 2022


– 2023

Birches at Sunrise

– 2022

Sunset Over The Lake

– 2023


– 2023

Rhinoceros - Night Shadow

– 2023

Lioness - Protea

– 2022

New exhibitions

Upcoming Events


10 -13

Marseille, France

Parc Chanot

The Mission

The artist pursues the assumptions of classical art, but in a modern way. She likes to combine sculpture with graphic patterns and painting, always looking for new means of expression.


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